Who Will Phil-In For Jackson On Road For Lakers?

L.A. is all abuzz today about the prospect of Phil Jackson only coaching home games for the Lakers next season. While we haven’t got official word on who will get the gig, if you follow the Lakers like I do, you know there are some obvious candidates for the road game position.

Who Will Be Jackson's Phil-In For The Lakers?

(Handicapping - sorry Larry - some of the big names vying For Phil Jax’s Job)

As a public service, I will provide you those likely “Phil-Ins” after the jump. Read more…

Family of Wrestler’s Wife Loses Lawsuit v. Hustler

When Nancy Benoit was murdered at the hands of her husband Chris last year, Hustler magazine decided to pay tribute to the late wrestler’s late wife - by publishing lingerie & semi-nude photos she had posed for in the early ’80s.

Nancy Benoit

Well, Nancy’s family didn’t take too kindly to Larry Flynt profiting from the painful publicity of their daughter’s death. So they sued the publication of perverts’ choice for putting out the photos in their March 2008 issue.  However, a judge has ruled that publishing photos of the late Mrs. Benoit in the buff may be tasteless, but it’s not illegal.

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