Harvin Shares Sordid Gator Tales With UF Recruits

• Smoking pot, partying with coeds, choking out assistant coaches - Percy Harvin sure knows how to sell the Florida Gators to recruits.

Percy Harvin Florida Gators

Tiger Woods ends the Buick Open with a big bang - from his pants! And like Nike did with the LeBron dunk, the PGA tries to remove all video.

• Beer pong with babies & shotgunning brewskis with toddlers - now that’s good parenting!

• Time to go outside, as the Arena Football League is officially folding.

Fergie Jenkins recalls the fun traveling with the Cubs during the days of segregation - such has having to sleep at funeral homes & bordellos.

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Indians Affiliate Holds Their Own Cheap Beer Night

The list of Cleveland sports failures is a long and tragic one. Michael Jordan’s shot on Ehlo, the Indians’ 30-year basement stay, the pillaging of the Browns, the list goes on and on, and we’re on a deadline here, folks. Perhaps the most famous example of sporting Mistakes by the Lake came at 1974’s infamous 10-Cent Beer Night, when the Indians offered up cheap Stroh’s by the armful and ended up with a full-scale 25,000 person riot on their hands.

Cleveland Indians 10 Cent Beer Night 1974

And while riots are generally something to be avoided in the major leagues, in the minor leagues they just think of them as “fan participation.” That explains why the Indians’ single-A affiliate decided to honor the 35th anniversary of 10-Cent Beer Night with … 5-Cent Beer Night. But this time, they pulled it off flawlessly. Hooray beer!

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