And For The Ladies … Ball-Less Baseball Is Here

What if we lived in a world where women were graciously admitted to sporting events, but men were forced to wait in the parking lot with the vehicles? The Hudson Valley Renegades, a minor league baseball team from the New York-Penn League, dared to dream, and now that concept is reality. Welcome to Ball-Less Baseball, where on July 7, only women will be allowed into the stadium to watch the Renegades play the Staten Island Yankees. Hey, wait a minute Guiliani … you’re not fooling anyone: Get out!

Ball-less Baseball

Ball-Less Baseball was the brainchild of the Goldklang Group, creative marketing arm of the Renegades. Next Tuesday, only women are allowed in the park — plus boys 7-and-under — while the men must hang out and tailgate in the parking lot. What could possibly go wrong?

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