Philly Loves Their Pitchers Enough to Stalk Them

Geoff Geary. Go ahead, take a moment. If you don’t play in a 14-team NL-only fantasy baseball league, you may spend a few moments trying to remember which soap he was on and then give up and turn to the almighty Google. However, Philly fans are very familiar with the former Phillie pitcher, traded for Brad Lidge last offseason.

Philadelphia Phillies fans celebrate the World Series

(For perspective, this is what Phillies fans do when they’re happy.)

He reminisced fondly about his days in Philly recently with the HOUSTON CHRONICLE as he prepared for his second season as an Astro:

My last year before I got traded, there were fans who were threatening my life and threatening other people, saying they were going to follow me home and beat up my fiancée at the time.

Wait, people follow Phillies pitchers around and threaten their significant others? Maybe Brett Myers really did have a case!
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Lasorda Unusually Engorged About US WBC Team

We know Major League Baseball wants us to get excited about the World Baseball Classic, especially since there may be no major leaguers left to play in the tourney if they all keep dropping out.  However, we’re pretty sure Bud Selig sent out his PR strike team to tranquilize and drag off Tommy Lasorda at one of the WBC press opportunities on the top of the Empire State Building after Tommy got on a verbal roll.

Tommy Lasorda scales the Empire State Building in search of a nosh

Tommy, always the irascible octogenarian, didn’t just encourage Americans to root for the US team in the WBC (and watch and buy T-shirts, no doubt).  He told the assembled reporters the following: “Remember one thing: In your hearts, you better pull for the USA or you may not get into heaven.” In heaven, there’s no pasta fagioli.
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