Breaking: Clippers Sign Leron, Eye Derick Fisher?

Despite unprecedented room under the salary cap, the Clippers have so far elected to completely ignore the greatest NBA free agent class in history.

Clippers sign Leron


Ah, but don’t be fooled by wily Donald Sterling & Co. He didn’t come to be L.A.’s most notorious slumlord by not showing up for meetings with prospective, elite employees who could help take his business operation to the next level.

Scratch that.

Okay … let’s go straight to the source when it comes to credible Clippers news: The undisputed mascot leader of Clipper Nation, Clipper Darrell (Darrell Bailey).

This Clipper Darrell Tweet today sent shockwaves through sports media all the way from Pacoima to Huntington Park: Read more…

Does Anyone Want the Top Pick in the NBA Draft?

Ricky Rubio and his agent, Dan Fegan, have started applying the pressure on NBA teams to ensure he ends up in the best possible media market. Because he still has to spend his own cash to get out of his Spanish contract, he has the leverage to return to Europe if the “wrong” team drafts him.

Memphis Grizzlies

(Why would anyone not want to play in Memphis?)

Therefore, Memphis and OKC can just draft around him. Instead, Fegan (who failed to stop Milwaukee from drafting Yi Jianlian but got him moved to the NYC market eventually) wants his client in L.A. or Sacramento to get at that California cash.  Sacramento drafts fourth, but haven’t the Clippers promised to take Blake Griffin with the first pick? Rubio couldn’t end up in L.A. still, could he?

He could, as it turns out.

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