Troy O’Leary’s Ex-Wife Moonlighting As Escort?

When you think of stereotypical athletes’ mates, a few generalizations spring to mind: gold digger, baby mama, soccer WAG, model…and those are just the nice ones. Sure, there are plenty of women out there romantically linked to pro athletes who are not vapid, money grubbing harpies, but they’re smart and usually stay in the background, living their lives out of the spotlight.

Troy Annette Gray O'Leary

Unfortunately for the genre of athlete wives, the attention whores tend to bask in the limelight, so that has become the stereotype. Notice we said “attention whore,” not the actual derogatory term for a lady of the night, which is not usually what one thinks of when one things pro sports wives. So that made it all the more shocking to learn that ex-MLBer Troy O’Leary’s elementary school principal ex-wife is actually selling her body sex companionship for cash. Hot for teacher, anyone?

(More pics of the former Mrs. O’Leary after the jump.)

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