Kobe On Mayor Of L.A.: “I don’t like the (A–hole)”

Never really been a big fan of Kobe Bryant off the court. But he won my respect with his recent, appropriately prickly treatment of the most unpopular man in Los Angeles, *Mayor* Antonio Villaraigosa.

(What Jackson Browne was singing about)

Villaraigosa is reviled in L.A. as a do-nothing buffoon and consumate media whore. The mayor, who had to take classes to learn Spanish as an adult, co-oped his (former) wife’s last name (Raigosa) to sound more Latino. He then cheated on Ms. Raigosa with a throwaway local TV newsreader - but continues to attach her name to his.  He’s since moved on to another yocal TV news dingbat, and is currently on a taxpayer-funded junket in Africa with the woman. You can’t make this stuff up.


So I was heartened to see Bryant’s seriously off-color reax to Villaraigosa’s attempt to glom on to the Lakers’ championship afterglow. Read more…