Pot Dealer Cuffed After Stabbing … Basketball?

You know how neighbors’ kids can be really annoying when they’re first learning to shoot hoops? They’ve got no jump shot, so errant attempts inevitably land in your lawn or occasionally, upside your head when you’re walking past. Well, that’s approximately what happened to David Reshan of Dunn, Wisconsin, a week and a half ago. And Reshan did what many of us might if we were having a particularly bad day: He stabbed the basketball with a screwdriver. There’s only one problem: That minor act earned Reshan enough attention from the police to warrant a house call, where Reshan happens to run a marijuana business.

marijuana hoops net

(Add a screwdriver and a lunatic, and you end up with five criminal counts.)

According to the MADISON CAPITAL TIMES, Reshan is now facing charges of maintaining a drug dwelling, resisting arrest, obstructing, disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property - all after police were called following his run-in with the basketball of his neighbors’ 10-year-old daughter, who, Reshan felt, was making too much noise.

Note to self: Next time you set up a drug operation, make sure to take all your neighbors’ crap.

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Booze Party Gets Girls’ Soccer Team Suspended

If you really think female athletes can’t hang with the guys in any aspect of sports, you’ve clearly never been to a party thrown by a girls’ team. So props to one high school soccer team for doing their gender, youth sports and — oh heck — America proud by throwing a raging kegger that got three-fourths of the team suspended.

Lake Braddock Girls Soccer Team

(”OK girls, who wants a drink?”)

Lake Braddock HS, in the DC suburbs, is the alma mater of Mia Hamm and has won two of the last three state titles. They’re also All-Americans when it comes to hitting the bottle; 16 members of the girls varsity squad were punished in the wake of a party where the only non-team invitees were named Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

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