BYU Athletes Victims Of School Trimester System

Here’s an excerpt of a press release sent out by the BYU public relations department on Friday:

Keilani Moeaki and Harvey Unga BYU Video

Two BYU student-athletes — football player Harvey Unga and women’s basketball player Keilani Moeaki — announced Friday they have decided to withdraw from school. Both students have made the decision to withdraw as a result of a violation of the BYU honor code.

With Unga the all-time leading rusher at BYU and Moeaki the sister of NFL draft prospect Tony Moeaki, this is a huge story in Utah at the moment.

Though if you follow the print and local television media coverage of the news from Salt Lake, you’ll see absolutely no speculation as to what the honor code violation was.

Though outside of Utah is a different story. Read more…