Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald Brady’s Kayak

It’s a little ironic after how hard he’s worked to get back onto the playing field, but Tom Brady’s career almost ended the way that so many NFL quarterbacking careers do — by his kayak being capsized in the Charles River. Oh no! Tom! Can you reach this branch?!

Tom Brady

(”Stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you!”)

Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen had rented a pair of kayaks for a “leisurely ride on the river” on Sunday when disaster struck, according to the BOSTON HERALD. Exact details are not entirely clear, and won’t be until sometime in the future when the incident is made into a song by Gordon Lightfoot. Read more…

Olympic Medalist Fails PED Test, Starts Drug Ring

Maybe all those PSA’s about steroid abuse being harmful are on to something. Not the steroids themselves, but as a gateway drug. How else can we explain the Olympic medalist who went from testing positive to PEDs, to allegedly running one of the largest ecstasy rings in Australia?

Nathan Baggaley

Nathan Baggaley, 33, has won three kayaking world championships and two silver medals in Athens. Police found 13,500 pills, $50,000 (USD) of drug money and a quantity of powder capable of producing more than 160,000 tablets. Oh, and an industrial pill press at Baggaley’s home.

That’d be a 50-game suspension under Bud Selig.

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