Random Tweet To Blame For Vick-Nike PR Botch

I was one of the first to report yesterday that Michael Vick signed an endorsement contract with Nike. If you only picked up the news from a mainstream outlet that caught on later that day or this morning, you missed the true, original source of the story. Here it is:

Michael Vick signed to Nike Endorsement deal

(What started the Vick-Nike misinformation campaign)

It all started with a Tweet by a woman named Kathleen Hessert, at SportsBusiness Journal’s Sports Sponsorship Symposium in New York.

We later found out that Michael Principe, the president of Vick’s rep firm and not Vick’s personal rep Joel Segal, had mentioned an “endorsement deal” between Vick and Nike while serving on a panel at the symposium.

Now, if this was such an earth-shattering endorsement agreement with Nike, do you think Nike and/or Vick’s direct agent would want the news to get out that way? Of course not.

So it appears there’s chance that Segal’s boss either exaggerated the nature of Vick’s agreement with Nike in what he thought was an off-the-record setting, or just got the whole thing wrong. Read more…

Michael Vick Signs New Nike Endorsement Deal

Kathleen Hessert, who on her Twitter account touts herself as “reputation manager”, Tweeted today:

Michael Vick signed to Nike Endorsement deal

BREAKING NEWS: Micheal Vick just signed Nike endorsement deal.” Read more…