Sure Hope Tiger Closed Out That Hotmail Account!

Email that was sent out today by Tiger Woods mistress and owner of the most mysterious before-after photos in history, Kalika Moquin:

Kalika Moquin Email Tiger Woods Mistress

Great to see that despite playing a pivotal role in ruining the life of Elin and the kids, Moquin has landed on her feet.

I can certainly understand why the Bellagio would retain her services. It’s not like she was instrumental in driving out one of the biggest-spending customers in the history of the property or anything.

Mistress #3 Kalika Moquin Denies Affair With Tiger

The third woman named as having an affair with Tiger Woods, Kalika Moquin (photos, video) of Las Vegas, has now denied having an affair with the Tiger Woods. That comes after she failed to deny the intial report of their alleged three-year relationship.

Kalika Moquin Pics Tiger Woods Mistress

“Sometimes I’ll deal with celebrities on my job on a day-to-day basis just to touch base with people. But it’s completely untrue that there’s anything more than a professional ‘How are you doing? Are you enjoying your time in Vegas?’ conversation [with Tiger].”

Remarkable how much that denial sounds like what Uchitel has stated many times in her denials.

And that’s not what a source identified as a “close friend” of Moquin told me last night about the alleged mistress’ relationship with Woods. Read more…

Now For The Real Shots Of Tiger’s Kalika Moquin

You may have seen this photo of Kalika Moquin all morning, the third woman confirmed to have had an affair with Tiger Woods:

Kalika Moquin Pics Tiger Woods Mistress

The cover photo of that magazine in no way resembles other photos of her, which are posted after the jump. Read more…