Headline-Seeking Favre Nixes Comeback Rumors

America’s most petulant retiree, former mediocre Jets quarterback Brett Favre, is in the news again. A couple days ago he was slated to meet with Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress at an undisclosed location about another possible comeback. Earlier today, a report suggested he was willing to go under the knife for the Vikings. It seemed like almost a done deal; like it or not, the NFL world was going to have to put up with another season of Favre interceptions and media love.

Brett Favre Vikings
(Sadly, this ain’t the last time we’ll be using this.)

Not so fast, my friend.  A YAHOO! SPORTS report released this afternoon indicates that, while Favre and Childress did speak via phone, Favre is opting to stay put on his Mississippi plantation for the 2009 NFL season. Yeah, right.

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