Josh McDaniels Video: “Win a Mutha—-in’ Game!”

UPDATE: McDaniels after the game when told his comments went out on-air: “It’s the NFL Network, It doesn’t surprise me.”

Has there ever been a teevee network more plagued with broadcast gaffes than the NFL Network? Thursday night’s embarrassing moment came when Denver Coach Josh McDaniels was heard clearly by viewers screaming, “All we’re trying to do is win a motherf—ing game!

Josh McDaniels Swears On TV

(Editor? Five-second delay? Anyone?)

NFL Network wired McDaniels for sound for the game, and inexplicably played back unedited video of his expletive-filled rant, which followed a penalty-laden offensive drive that stalled in the red zone.

If you were with me Sunday night, McDaniels’ outburst in no way surprised you, considering his emotional outburst directed at the Chargers before San Diego throttled the Broncos 32-3 at Invesco Field.

Video of McDaniels melting down Thursday after the jump.

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