Raiders Done With Earth, Will Now Suck In Space

There are quite a few worthy contenders near the top of the list, but only one team stands alone as the most hilariously inept franchise in all of sports: the Oakland Raiders. Perhaps other teams’ records are just as bad or worse (Natinals, anyone?), but nobody matches the Raiders’ unholy combination of bad football, bad management, and bad fans (seriously, guys, your face paint and tinfoil spikes aren’t fooling anyone).

Oakland Raiders airplane

(This is not a rocketship, but it does say Raiders. Close?)

The Raiders are so good at being bad, they’ve apparently gotten bored with the lowly confines of Earth. Really, what’s left to accomplish in the world of badness? You’ve wasted your #1 draft pick on a stiff like Darius Heyward-Bey, your owner redefines the word “senile,” and your coach just punched out a top assistant. Clearly, your work here is done. That must be why the Raiders are the first team to branch out into the bold new world of … Outer Space!

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