UK Econ Shambles: St. Andrews Yields To Jorts?

I don’t need the staged violence at the G-20 worldwide econ summit in London to confirm just how bad the economy is in Great Britain.

Golfers Wearing Jorts

(If John Daly had a brother - who lost a kidney or three)

The venerable SCOTSMAN reports this week that with flagging, countrywide golf club membership, the birthplace of the game is actually allowing jeans wearers to do something other than club member ballwashing.

I grew up whacking the pill around beaten-down, public tracks in the Kansas City-area, and like many of you, wasn’t averse to going shirtless once outside the starter’s sightlines.

But we’re talking about the birthplace of the game here, and allowing jeans, even if it’s just to enter the clubhouse, is akin to John Calipari moving to Nepal and taking a vow of silence. Read more…