Coach Cal Returns To Memphis - With Bodyguards

It’s hard to blame John Calipari for leaving the Memphis Tigers to take the head coaching job with the Kentucky Wildcats. Sure, he had a lot of success in Memphis during his nine years there, turning the program into an NCAA powerhouse, but it’s the Kentucky Wildcats. One of the premier programs in the history of college basketball, and they backed up a truck full of cash to Calipari’s front door. Frankly, to say no would have been downright idiotic.

Tell that to the people of Memphis, though. They’re the Jennifer Aniston to UK’s Angelina Jolie right now and they’re still feeling a bit betrayed and probably will be for a long time. Which is why when Calipari showed up to his annual “Coach Cal & Friends” charity event on Monday night, he came through the door with a couple of bodyguards.

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