Owner Of Land Rover McKnight Drove Responds

The man who owns the 2006 Land Rover SUV the LOS ANGELES TIMES reported yesterday was driven “several times” by USC running back Joe McKnight responded to the Times article today.

Joe McKnight SUV: Ilegal Use?

In a long email, Schenter claimed McKnight’s girlfriend, Johanna Michelle Beltran, worked for one of his (apparent) side businesses involving cancer research and that,

I am the owner of the Land Rover because Michelle’s parents couldn’t qualify for the loan. It is her car. She makes the payments and she is responsible for insurance. The payments are a little over $500/month (not a big amount).

Schenter attempted in the email to show that he has never worked in marketing or had any association with the USC football program. Though he doesn’t sufficiently explain why he once purchased the internet domain name 4JoeMcKnight.com. Read more…

Joe McKnight Caught In Lie Over Illegal SUV Use?

Gary Klein and Lance Pugmire of the LOS ANGELES TIMES appear to have nailed Joe McKnight to the floorboards over the improper use of an SUV.

Joe McKnight, star tailback of USC’s football team, has been driving a sport utility vehicle owned by a Santa Monica businessman, an arrangement the school is investigating and may be in violation of college rules.

Joe McKnight SUV: Ilegal Use?

The NCAA, which governs major college sports, prohibits student athletes from accepting benefits from marketing representatives or agents or “extra benefits” based on their athletic ability.

The SUV is registered to Scott Schenter.

Schenter, 47, has a background that includes marketing, and a company he owned registered a website called 4joemcknight.com. It is unclear whether Schenter has any ties with USC or the school had knowledge of his activities.

Schenter also has owned the domain uscmarketing.com and “filed papers in May 2008” to start a company called “USC Marketing.”

And that’s not even the worst part. Not even close. Read more…