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Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST’s DC Sports Bog has the decency to reset the gastronomical legend that is Russ Grimm’s “hot dog story.”

Russ Grimm Hot Dog Vomit

(Grimm hot dog vomit now stocked by 3 Southeast Asian grocery chains)

When (former Redskins Offensive Line Coach) Joe Bugel retired in January, he told the greatest story ever, in which Russ Grimm threw up a whole hot dog during an evening practice at Carlisle, then put it back in his mouth and ate it, saying “Can’t waste a good dog, now.” Doc Walker said it was only a quarter of a dog, but added that Grimm was a “total neanderthal.”

Then in early February, when Grimm was elected to the Hall of Fame, his former teammate Joe Jacoby brought the story closer to the earth.

“Russ’s lunch didn’t stay down on him when we got to practice. You know what I mean? He just chucked up a hot dog,” Jacoby told Wise. “One of our ballboys, we called him ‘Booger,’ just looked at it and said, ‘Ooooh, that’s gross.’ Russ looked at him and said, ‘You think that’s gross, watch this.’ He blew the dirt off the piece of dog on the ground, picked it up and ate it. True story.”

Coincidentally, that’s also an excerpt of speech Jacoby gave when inducting Grimm into the auto-immune system hall of fame in 1993.

As you would expect of XTRA 910 in Phoenix as the hot dog vomit radio station of record, the Bickley and MJ show called Grimm to set the record straight.

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