Joe Buck Live Canceled; Concept Coming To Fox?

Joe Buck guested on KSLG-AM in St. Louis this week (audio) and said he expects his HBO show Joe Buck Live to be canceled.

Joe Buck Live Canceled

“I don’t think there will be another episode of Joe Buck Live.

“There’s only another nine months on that contract anyway, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal either way.

“(On if he’d miss it) No, not really. There was a lot more behind the scenes and a lot more effort and hassle than I ever expected, and that goes from booking guests to actually getting guests there to, obviously, the Artie Lange thing in the first show. Read more…

Artie Lange Is A Genius, According To Artie Lange

Artie Lange took a little time off from admiring donuts and chain smoking Marlboros to appear on Michael Irvin’s radio show on Tuesday, and revealed what we’d pretty much assumed all along. His profanity-filled, over-the-top grossout performance during the debut airing of HBO’s “Joe Buck Live” last week was pretty much custom ordered by HBO and Buck himself.

Artie Lange

I kind of figured as much when Buck made little attempt to rein him in during the broadcast itself, then professed mild outrage over Lange in subsequent interviews. But if you believe Lange — and there’s no reason not to, really — Buck got exactly what he asked for, and his outrage is fake. Read more…

Did Pam Oliver Pee Her (Tight) Jeans On Monday?

Years ago, when I was broadcasting pro baseball in the low minors, I recall hearing about what Joe Buck, then a 20-year-old college student, was doing on his summer vacation: radio play-by-play for the St. Louis Cardinals’ Triple-A team, the Louisville Redbirds.

Joe Buck And Pam Oliver Awkward

(You weren’t the only one giggling with glee at Buck’s career TIMBERRRRR!)

At the time, I was in my fourth year of enduring semi-regular 16-hour bus rides from Hagerstown, Maryland to Albany, Georgia in the South Atlantic League. The deep south-based S.A.L is better known as the Sally League or as we called it, ‘Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here‘.

So you can imagine my delight when I heard about Buck’s “summer vacation”, not to mention upon his graduation, when he was handed a fulltime Cardinals radio play-by-play gig. (Passing over Jim Kelch, who had spent over a decade as voice of the Redbirds and was the Cards #1 fill-in.)

Fast forward a few years later with me now, as Buck has since passed on broadcasting even a limited schedule of Cardinals games. And most recently telling the world that, as the #1 national baseball announcer in the land, he finds the game boring and rarely watches it when he’s not working games.

After Monday night, I’m more likely to watch …

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In other words, Buck has spent his life half-heartedly clogging up plum broadcast gigs that were gifted him because of his late, great announcing father, Jack Buck.

Having been out of the play-by-play biz for about 10 years now, I’m at the point where I don’t care enough about Joe Buck to revel in his Hiroshima-inspired HBO talk show performance Monday night.

But I’m guessing you probably can’t say the same for one of Buck’s more recent broadcast team partners, NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver. Read more…

Artie Lange And The ‘Joe Buck Live’ Train Wreck

As the Orlando Magic and now Joe Buck can tell you, overtime can be a cruel mistress. The debut of HBO’s “Joe Buck Live” on Monday was notable for two reasons: The painful, knuckle-biting inexperience of the host, and spectacular warehouse fire of an appearance by MADtv alum and Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange. Much of the damage was done during the regular show, as we discussed in Speed Read this morning. But Lange really hit his stride in the Overtime segment afterward on HBO.COM.

Artie Lange

What you witnessed there was a man’s career imploding, and I’m not talking about Lange’s. While Buck tentatively stepped through the bulk of the show with fair to middling results — he’s a good interviewer, and not at all unfunny — his weakness in this format immediately became apparent as soon as Lange was allowed to talk. The talk radio bad boy was crude and obnoxious even by cable standards, especially in the Overtime segment. He ripped gays, made jokes about ejaculation; stuff that would make John Rocker blush. After attempting to spar with him a bit, Buck gave up; taking on the appearance of a Keystone Cop trying to arrest a bear.

Read more…

Speed Read: Donte’ Stallworth Reaches DUI Deal

Sometimes, all you can ask for is closure. Not revenge or punishment or the eye for the proverbial eye; just enough to begin the healing process.

Donte Stallworth

And so, according to the MIAMI HERALD, the family of Mario Reyes, the man Donte’ Stallworth stands accused of killing in a March DUI accident, have been described by prosecutors as “the primary force” in a plea deal that is expected to be accepted today. And rather than spending years and years in prison, Stallworth may only have a short jail stay:

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth is expected to plead guilty Tuesday to driving drunk when he struck and killed a pedestrian on the MacArthur Causeway in March, The Miami Herald has learned.

Stallworth’s attorney, Christopher Lyons, confirmed that the case was expected to be resolved Tuesday in court. Lyons declined to detail terms of the plea, which are not yet public.

While this is good news for Stallworth and his family, it doesn’t mean his NFL career is back in play; even after the jail stay imposed by the judge, Stallworth will still have to be reinstated by the notoriously unsympathetic Roger Goodell.  This will be a remarkably tough decision for the commissioner; no matter what length of suspension he decides on, it’s still going to be met by (not entirely unreasonable) protests of “Oh, so that’s how many games a human life is worth?”

But all the same, the person who’s really going to be haunted by the specter of death here is Stallworth, not Goodell. That he, even accidentally, killed a fellow man is a fact that will saddle him long after he’s gone from the league.

*UPDATE*: Stallworth gets sentenced to 30 days in jail & two years of house arrest.

Okay, we need a fun story after all that. So, as we warned you earlier, Joe Buck’s talk show career just started last night. And, judging by what AWFUL ANNOUNCING found, it may have ended last night too.

Joe Buck

The milquetoast play-by-play announcer for FOX had put together a decent, meh-but-not-terrible first episode, with appearances by Brett Favre (more on him later), Michael Irvin, Chad Ochocinco, and other famous members of the sports world. And then to close it out, he had on longtime friend Paul Rudd, a practically non-existent Jason Sudeikis, and, inexplicably, Artie Lange.

The audio is ludicrously NSFW, but if you’ve got earphones and/or a door to your office, you’ll want to check out Lange single-handedly derailing the show:

And then yes, Favre. Favre Favre Favre. He was the first guest on the show, and allowed make unironic claims like he’s not looking for attention. While he’s on, y’know, a nationally televised talk show. And to his credit, the fact that this is his first public appearance while ESPN has hammered coverage of his dalliance with Vikings management into viewers’ brains (we think Ed Werder’s been tasked with rifling through the trash down at Favre’s ranch in Mississippi) should be noted. That said, this happens every damn year, and it’s so tiresome. Here we are in June, with training camps underway. Teams want to have their summer rosters in place. So is Favre going to play this year? “Maybe.”

Brett Favre Vikings
(Here we go again.)

Also, the fact that Favre’s first public comments aren’t to ESPN should be noted as well. So rather than think of Favre as a caricature of an attention whore or drama queen or whatever, perhaps it’s best to - yes, we know this is neither fun nor easy - recognize the shades of gray and think that while he knows how easy it is to attract attention after spending two decades in the spotlight,  part of him actually is a country-bred bumpkin from Mississippi who would play football forever if he could.

But then again, we don’t know where the annual retirement charade fits into either side. And how many years in a row is this? Eight? C’mon, man.

Here are more stories to consider as you mourn Shawn Johnson’s euthanization

  • Look, this is clearly not the appropriate forum to discuss the ongoing turmoil in Iran. We’re not nearly qualified enough to comment on it, and that’s not what you’re here to read anyway. That said, if you’re wanting to find out more about watching the seeds of revolution occur in real-time, Andrew Sullivan’s blog is a good place to start. So why even bring it up? Only for the most epic picture in tOSU history, via 11W (click here for higher res, pops):

Tehran Buckeye
(Your move, Michigan.)

What else is Joe Morgan lying about?

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‘Joe Buck Live’ Ready To Bolster A Weary Nation

Like Conan O’Brien’s debut as the new host of “The Tonight Show” or John Madden’s first turn in the “Monday Night Football” booth, all eyes will be focused tonight on FOX SPORTS announcer Joe Buck, as “Joe Buck Live” premieres on HBO. I only pray to God that you’ve got your digital converter box installed.

Joe Buck

Actually, tonight’s debut is probably going to remind us more of this. But I could be wrong. It’s only natural that Buck, known for his vivacious personality and comedy talents staring blankly while speaking into a microphone, should be given his own HBO show. I can picture Robert Klein watching the debut and muttering jealously, “Damn, he’s good.” And who is going to be Buck’s first guest? You guessed it: Read more…

Joe Buck Flexes Comedy Chops In New Talk Show

It’s been over a year since we first discussed windbaggy sportscaster Joe Buck’s attempts to develop a pilot for a talk show/variety show. Sports fans mostly rolled their eyes, wondering how the NFL on FOX’s self-appointed moral authority could possibly pull off the trick of being remotely funny or entertaining.

JJoe Buck

(Stand-up comedy from a stand-up guy. Or something.)

Such concerns, however, were no matter for a guy with the ego and pedigree of Buck. When a guy rockets up the ranks of sportscasters like Buck does, he generally gets what he wants, and this is no different. His show, “Joe Buck Live”, debuts June 15 on HBO, and AWFUL ANNOUNCING’s Brian Powell stumbled upon the promo. Verdict? Well, see for yourself.

Read more…