College Football’s BCS Comes Under Perjury Fire

College football fans don’t agree on much. You’ve got your Michigans versus your Ohio States, your Floridas versus your Georgias, and your Notre Dames versus, well, everyone. One thing pretty much everybody agrees on, though, is that the BCS in its current format is a woefully corrupt system that needs revamping in some way shape or form.

The problem, of course, is the money involved - big schools, TV networks, and sponsors all make a killing out of the postseason farce that is the BCS. Not that they’d admit it, though. At congressional hearings this month, the BCS representatives in attendance claimed (under oath and with a straight face, no less) that the money in the college bowl scam goes to charity. YAHOO! SPORTS called BS and the results are pretty damning, as in, criminally damning.

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