Dennis Rodman Chooses TV Reunion Over Rehab

I haven’t watched a single episode of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice”, and I’m okay with that. I’m fully aware that if I don’t watch the episode I’ll never learn what it takes to be really successful in business or how to have an awesome combover, but it’s a risk I’m just willing to take.

Of course I don’t have to watch the show to know that Dennis Rodman was recently fired by Donald Trump. Personally, it’s a shock to find out that someone as stable as The Worm doesn’t have what it takes to impress Trump, but hey, it’s not the first bad decision the man has made. Still, even though it was probably pretty disappointing for Rodman to get the axe, his wife and other close friends were thrilled. Now that he’s off the show, they could finally stage that intervention to get Dennis to go to rehab. Too bad he’s refused to go because it might interfere with his chance to attend the reunion show taping.

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