Clausen Hides Black Eye, Weis Off Of Recruiting

Eric Hansen, Notre Dame football beat writer for the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE, Tweets from ND practice today:

Jimmy Clausen wore visor at practice to hide black eye from reporters

Hansen also noted that, “ND players are off limits to the media this week. The next time we’ll hear from them or Weis is late Saturday night.”
Then there’s this from AOL FANHOUSE reporter John Walters, who was also at ND practice:

Jimmy Clausen hides eye during practice

ESPN’s National College Football Reporter Joe Schad also reported earlier today perhaps the most ominous sign about Weis’ sure-fire demise.

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Jimmy Clausen Punched: New Details Emerging

UPDATE (9:12a PT): A cantankerous Charlie Weis said today Clausen will practice Tuesday and start against Stanford Saturday. He would not comment on reports of Clausen’s altercation. (Weis to media at presser: “I only want to talk about Stanford.”)

After a bunch of detail-less news reports about Jimmy Clausen getting jacked in the eye Saturday night, South Bend’s WSBT-TV finally gives us specific details regarding what happened.

Jimmy Clausen shoves Brian Gunnell of Boston College

(Not a dramatization of said events)

Let’s just say Clausen’s most recent date probably should just give up on that callback. Read more…