LPGAer: Heard Of Tiger’s Alleged Infidelity In July

Swedish newspaper AFTONBLADET reports LPGA player Helen Alfredsson confirmed to Sweden’s TV4 what has long been discussed in hushed tones by golf media: Tiger Woods’ infidelity talk among golfers started last July at The Open at Turnberry.

Helen Alfredsson Said She Heard Tiger Was Cheating During 2009 British Open

Last Sunday, Alan Shipnuck of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reported:

I remember at Turnberry, after Woods missed the cut, a few of us were sitting in the press room discussing the various rumors we’d heard about Tiger and Elin having a big blowup that week and whether or not that played a role in his poor play. It was out there, but no one asked Tiger a question about it before he fled. In the future, I’m sure someone will ask the question.

Tiger Missed Cut At 2009 British Open

(LPGAer: Tiger alleged infidelity talk while he missed Brit Open cut)

Swede Alfredsson? Same:

“I heard it last summer during the British Open. In the quietest water swims the ugliest fish.”

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Photo: “Moving Truck” Outside Tiger Woods Home

TMZ.com reports today:

A moving truck, along with two utility vehicles just showed up to Tiger Woods’ house in Windermere, Florida and the mover is carting off some art. The art, we’re told, is wrapped up. Elin Nordegren and the kids just arrived home in her red Buick from their lunch.

Moving Trucks At Tiger Woods Home

And this is interesting. Two utility vehicles just showed up and the workers brought ladders inside the house. Elin talked to the workers for about 10 minutes, and then left with the kids.

The ladders perhaps could be used to remove large pieces of highly-placed art off walls inside the home. This is the second truck that has been seen outside the Woods home removing items from the house.

So does the removal of art indicate anything about the couple’s marriage or an impending move?

Meanwhile, USMagazine.com reports that the “best friend” of Nordegren, Mia Parnevik, has gone on the record about how her former nanny is dealing with the fallout of her husband’s alleged affairs. Read more…

Voice Of Reason: Jesper Parnevik Slams Woods

After watching, reading and listening to media non-stop since the Jaimee Grubbs‘ voicemail of Tiger Woods came out - which prompted Woods’ relatively unapologetic press release - I’ve been a little perplexed as to why there hasn’t been more criticism of Woods’ unbelievably irresponsible behavior.

Jesper Parnevik Slammed Tiger Woods For Cheating On His Former Nanny Elin Nordegren

Until I read Mick Elliott’s AOL FANHOUSE piece on the man who introduced Woods to beleaguered wife Elin Nordegren, Jesper Parnevik, national media personalities have tiptoed around Woods nebuluous regret over his transgressions.

But that absurd deferral came to and end when Parnevik harshly criticized Woods’ for his unthinking treatment of Nordegren, his family, friends and business partners.  Read more…