Cheryl Miller Not Pleased w/Pollard’s TV Tardiness

• NBA TV analyst Cheryl Miller layeth the smack down on Scot Pollard for showing up to their program late.

Cheryl Miller Scot Pollard

(”Mechanical aircraft problems, my ass!”)

• Maybe MLB should schedule their Opening Days in warmer climates.

• Is giving a restaurant a bad review really worth an MMAer beatdown?

• Did Manny Ramirez do steroids? Jose Canseco says there’s a “90%” chance he did.

Lenny Dykstra isn’t such a shrewd businessman, after all.

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MMAer Beats Critic Over Bad Restaurant Review?

Jerry “The Punching Bag” Spiegel (seriously, that’s his nickname) has a 11-24-1 record in MMA, but he finally found an opponent he could beat: an older, out-of-shape restaurant critic, and all it took was a two-on-one ambush in a parking lot to do it.

Jerry Spiegel and Steve Barnes

The “fighter” (and judging from his record, that’s a generous description) was arrested and charged with assault for a brutal beating of Steve Barnes, a food writer for the ALBANY TIMES-UNION. It appears that Spiegel — or someone who contracted his services — took issue with one of Barnes’s negative reviews.

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