Catches Of The Day: Riley Cooper, Jerrell Jackson

Earlier today I posted video of Jerrell Jackson’s incredible one-hand snatch against Colorado. Just a few minutes later, Riley Cooper also made an improbably single-handed grab for a touchdown against Georgia.

Riley Cooper Catch Against Georgia Jerrelle Jackson Catch Against Colorado

(Jerell Jackson and Riley Cooper: Spectacular)

There’s no doubt that Jackson made the better catch. The angle that he caught the ball was such that there’s very few guys out there with the hand strength to make that grab.

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That’s not to discount Cooper’s catch, but the point is, there’s a lot more guys who could’ve converted Cooper’s completion compared to what Jackson’s, which was something out of Cirque de Soleil. Jackson’s played looked like it was out of one of those some recent NFL commercials that were faked via special effects.

Video of the catches after the jump. Read more…