Charlie Villanueva On Bottle Blonde, The Blotter

Charlie Villanueva has himself a hot new girlfriend named Jennifer Christenson.

Charlie Villanueva Girlfriend Photos Jennifer Christenson

Though Christenson lives in Chicago and Villanueva has spent much of his summer in Detroit, the couple was seen together three weeks ago at a basketball tournament in the Dominican Republic.

Christenson has some photos of Villanueva on her public Facebook account, but she cropped the NBA player out a photo of the couple for her profile picture:

Charlie Villanueva Girlfriend Photos Jennifer Christenson

Villaneuva’s lovely lady friend is also an aspiring talk show host, recently posting an audition tape on Oprah Winfrey’s official website. Villanueva Tweeted a public link to the site and asked his followers in support of Christenson’s career efforts.

From the photos, they seem like a happy couple and Villanueva, at least until recently, has always been known as gentleman off the court. Though the Ontario and Wisconsin court systems may dictate Villanueva’s off-court reputation in the future.

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