Wake Up Call: Never Let Caldwell Park The Ferrari

When I was serving time as a American Hockey League announcer in Greensboro, N.C., in the ’90s, I remember a certain coach running the Wake Forest football program into the ground in nearby Winston Salem: Jim Caldwell.

Jim Caldwell Wake Forest Disastrous Coaching Record

I’ve been skeptical of Caldwell ever since. Yes, the Colts 14-game streak to start the season was starting to cause cracks in my cynicism, but today we finally got to see the Caldwell I watched systematically dismantle the Demon Deacons.

Jim Caldwell With Peyton Manning

I recognize that Caldwell’s Deacs are a long way from Caldwell’s Colts - in time, place and otherwise. So who am I to judge?

Jim Caldwell With Jeff Saturday

(Caldwell forgot tissues for Jeff Saturday)

Instead, I’ll let Indianapolis fans from today’s Colts-Jets live blog at IndyStar.com take it away …

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