Ex-Cons And Raiders Fans In The 49ers’ Future?

I know, I know - aren’t ex-cons and Raiders fans essentially the same thing? Well, for the most part, yes, but it’s not that simple. You see, on Monday night the San Francisco 49ers had their State of the Franchise event in which they dropped a few bombshells on the Niners faithful.

Michael Vick Raiders fan

The Niners haven’t had very much success on the football field in recent years thanks to the fact that Joe Montana and Steve Young no longer play quarterback. When you don’t have a good quarterback your football team tends to suck, and when your team tends to suck, fans start to become disinterested which makes it hard to finance a brand new stadium for yourself. So San Francisco has come up with a couple of idea that are sure to leave whatever fans they have left jumping for joy. And by jumping for joy, I mean laying on the ground in a fetal position crying.

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