Jayson Williams Goes Berserk In New York Hotel

Remember Jayson Williams, the former New Jersey Nets forward who shot and killed a limo driver back in 2002? Well, it turns out he was never convicted for it (thanks to a hung jury), and has been living his life quietly while waiting for a retrial on second-degree manslaughter charges. Who knew?

Jayson Williams Tanya Williams

As it turns out, living life with the guilt of killing people and the specter of an impending manslaugter trial doesn’t necessarily make for all fun and games, no matter what the OJ Simpson saga would lead you to believe. In fact, if you’re Jayson Williams, living such a life leads to barricading yourself in a New York hotel early this morning and threatening to kill yourself. Say what you will about OJ, but playing golf seems like a better outlet for post-killing frustrations.

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