What’s So Civil About KU Jayhawk War, Anyway?

You might recall that earlier today, we told you about a fight between the Kansas football and basketball teams, one that ended with star guard Tyshawn Taylor in the ER with a dislocated thumb. Okay, so fight fight fight, and now everything’s over, right? Christ, no.

Jayhawks Milling About Smartly
(It’s usually a good sign if your athletes are awaiting questioning, right?)

Surprisingly, the two teams aren’t willing to let it end like that, as KU Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo broke out in the middle of campus this morning, in plain view of the public. And while we don’t know what started the whole thing this time around, we do know the racial slurs probably didn’t help anything.

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Jayhawk-on-Jayhawk Violence Sends Player To ER

It’s a known fact that men will engage in any number of ridiculous behaviors on account of a woman. Well, straight men anyway, though I suspect the general sentiment holds true even for alternative sexual preferences. We’ll say the most ridiculous things (poems? really?), buy expensive crap, don stupid-looking clothes and try silly grooming products, among other things, all in an attempt to impress and woo the opposite sex.

Tyshawn Taylor

It’s all patently silly when you stop and think about it, but then when it comes to the opposite sex, thinking often takes a back seat to hormones and, um, more primal urges. That’s gotta be the explanation for why Kansas Jayhawks (basketball) guard Tyshawn Taylor ended up in the hospital last night at the hand of an as-yet-unnamed (we’ll get to that) Kansas Jayhawks football player. Lawrence is such a happy place, fellas. Can’t we all just get along?

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