Political Ad: Gun Toting Con In Jared Allen Jersey

2010 Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Anthony Hardy Williams has a new commercial out advocating stronger gun laws.

Jared Allen Jersey In Political Commercial About Gun Violence

During the spot, a skinheaded, gun-toting chap wearing a Jared Allen #69 jersey is shown walking through an alley with a sawed-off shotgun and then later getting cuffed by police.

Jared Allen Jersey In Political Commercial About Gun Violence


Though ironically, if you go by a recent Allen hunt, apparently he’s not a gun guy:

Jared Allen With Bison He Caught With a Bow

Probably a good thing based on a video posted by TMZ.com this morning of Allen.

Jared Allen Threats On TMZ Video

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Jared Allen’s Girlfriend Isn’t Too Fond Of Cameras

Here’s some recent video of Jared Allen at the Mall of America, shot by C.J., gossip columnist for the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE.

Jared Allen's Girlfriend Video

C.J. narration: “(I’m) at the Mall of America with Jared Allen, a walking entertainment industry whether he’s shooting video for his colorful FSN segment or chewing me out for shooting video of his girlfriend who doesn’t like being photographed.Read more…