Sumo Wrestlers Given iPads To Use As .. Phones?

Japan’s Jiji news service in association with France’s AFP reports this week from Tokyo that the Japan Sumo Association distributed 60 iPads to the 51 Sumo “training stables” to improve communication between wrestlers and association officials.

iPad Rex Ryan

(Do Sumo iPads come fully loaded?)

Why iPads? Because the giants of the sport claim to be unable to use cell phones and typical computers because of the size of their fingers. Really.

It’s a giant leap for a super-sized sport that has until now relied on old-school modes of telephone and fax machines.

“It seems rather easy to use,” association chief Hanaregoma said following a brief training session on the popular tablet gadget. “Sending emails was very easy.”

A digital novice himself, the 62-year-old former wrestler admitted that while he can read incoming text messages on his mobile phone, he doesn’t know how to write replies and does not usually use a computer.

Such a heartwarming story. Sadly though, a much more insidious problem was the primary reason for the technology advancement by Japanese Sumo. Read more…