L.A. City Council Ask Lakers, Fans To Boycott AZ

The Los Angeles City Council voted this this week to boycott Arizona because of new state immigration law passed by the state. According to City Council member Janice Hahn, who likened the law to the Nazi treatment of Jews during World War II, the boycott could affect up to $8 million worth of L.A. city business contracts with the neighboring state. L.A. City Council member Paul Koretz said the Arizona law represented “the very beginning of what went on in Nazi Germany.”

Janice Hahn asks Lakers fans to boycott Arizona

(Sponsor of boycott Janice Hahn wants Lakers fans to bring snacks to AZ)

Though Hahn said the contracts with the largest financial impact on Arizona, like between US Airways and Los Angeles International Airport, will not be included in the boycott.

Since the Lakers recently advanced to the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns, Hahn has spent much of her time asking the team and its fans to financially boycott the city of Phoenix and the state. LA WEEKLY reports:

Councilwoman Hahn is confident that the Lakers are only going to need two trips to Arizona to sweep the series,” Michael Trujillo, the manager of her campaign for Lieutenant Governor, told the Weekly. “Furthermore she will be sending a checklist of items for each Lakers player to bring so they won’t need to purchase anything while in Arizona.”

If the Lakers were to sweep the series with the Suns, they would need one trip to Phoenix. The team has not responded publicly to Hahn’s suggestions.

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