McCourts’ Divorce: ‘Trashing Each Other, WWIII’

With the NLCS starting today, the Dodgers announced that team Owners Frank and Jamie McCourt are separating. (Nice timing, little narcissistic of them?) Ken Rosenthal of has inside details on the separation:

Frank Jamie McCourt to divorce Will Jamie get the team?

(Will Jamie get the team in divorce settlement? Frank’s lawyer claims, “N-O”)

The divorce will not be amicable, one source said.

“They’ve already ‘lawyered’ up,” the source said. “They’re trashing each other terribly. It’s going to be World War III.”

Let me translate that for you: Jamie McCourt wants the team.

As CEO of the club, Jamie McCourt is the highest-ranking woman in Major League Baseball. Prior to that, she had been club president since Aug. 12, 2005. Community property laws in California provides Jamie McCourt half of Frank McCourt’s share of the Dodgers and his personal assets. The couple’s estimated net worth is $1.29 billion. Read more…