Mistress: Tiger ‘Never Tipped’, Demanded Freebies

More on the record comments from Jamie Jungers (photos) are out about her alleged affair with Tiger Woods. This time Carole Aye Maung and Daniel Sanderson of NEWS OF THE WORLD have the increasingly ugly details - which include Jungers claiming she was in bed with Woods when he learned of his father’s death and that the golfer never tipped and always demanded free meals from restaurants.

Jamie Jungers Pics Tiger Woods Mistress

(Jamie Jungers photos)

The 26-year-old Jungers said she was with the married Woods when he found out his father Earl had died from cancer and, “I was beside him wearing nothing but a pair of panties.

NOTW adds:

But his grief over losing his war veteran father did not stop Tiger continuing his torrid affair. It only ended six months later - when Jamie asked her lover for financial aid. She said: “He’s a cheap f***er and he just didn’t want to help me.”

NOTW reports that on May 2, 2006, Jungers was visiting Woods at his “marital home in California” when he went to visit his cancer-stricken father at a hospice. Jungers:

“When he came back, I could see he was preoccupied and worried about his dad - but when we went to bed he still wanted to have sex as usual. We went to sleep. Then at about 3am the phone rang. It was Tiger’s mum. She called to tell him that his dad had passed away. Tiger looked utterly devastated and didn’t say a word. He didn’t even cry but I could tell he was heartbroken.”

Jungers flew home to Vegas the next day, telling NOTW, “I didn’t expect to hear from him for a while. I thought he would be busy having just lost his dad. But he told me how much he appreciated me being there with him and thanked me for my support.Read more…

Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress #4: Jamie Jungers

RadarOnline.com reports today that a fourth woman will come forward tomorrow as an alleged mistress of Tiger Woods. Blonde Las Vegas “model” Jamie Jungers will reportedly have her story published by a British tabloid.

Jamie Jungers Pics

Jungers will be featured in one British newspaper while a competing paper is set to tell the story of another Tiger mistress. At least two other women are close to making deals about their relationship with Woods.

NEWS OF THE WORLD or THE SUN seem the most likely outlets to carry Jungers’ account.

Jamie Jungers Pics

Junger’s Myspace.com photo (above) is in circulation but I’ve got a couple photos of her you probably haven’t seen - after the jump. Read more…