ESPN Source On Mariotti Felony Rap: ‘He’s Done’

Early this morning Jay Mariotti was arrested by the L.A.P.D. and charged with felony domestic assault in Venice, Calif., after a dispute with his girlfriend. Mariotti was released on $50,000 bail at noon today and is scheduled to make a court appearance on Sept. 17 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Jay Mariotti

Here’s the key part of the L.A. TIMES account of the incident:

The argument continued at the couple’s apartment near Venice where Mariotti allegedly pushed and shoved the woman. During the altercation, Mariotti grabbed her arm, leaving marks, the sources said.

Police were called to the apartment and found his girlfriend, who has not been identified, with cuts and bruises.

After the L.A. TIMES’ revelation that police found “cuts and bruises” on Mariotti’s girlfriend in the aftermath of the alleged assault, I spoke to several ESPN sources about Mariotti’s prospect for future employment at the company.
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