Arum: Mayweather, Jr. an “ignorant, illiterate kid”

Today’s Bob Arum gave us a command performance promoting what will probably be his last superfight. Never thought I’d say this, but Arum has quite literally done the impossible. He’s somehow succeeded in convincing the media and fight fans that a fight that will generate the most money in the history of the sport could be called off.

Mayweathers and Bob Arum

(Arum digitized for your protection)

But you just knew that if the 78-year-old talked enough today, he would say some things about the Mayweathers that were wildly inappropriate. And I’m pleased to report that Arum didn’t let us down. Read more…

Ole Miss DT Tells Arresting Officer He Can’t Read

Here’s a hint to any college football hopefuls. If you’ve been dogged by questions about your academics, specifically your ability to read, it’s probably not the best idea to tell a police officer that you “can’t read.” It doesn’t reflect well on the program.

Jerrell Powe

Reinforcing the worst stereotypes about Ole Miss was DT Jerrell Powe, who was ticketed by police for noise violations during a party at his apartment. When told to read the citation and sign it, Powe reportedly told the cop he couldn’t read. He says he was joking, but Houston Nutt is not amused.

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