Racist Tweets Directed At Jacory Harris Found

Sunday the MIAMI HERALD reported that in the recent aftermath of Univ. of Miami football coach Randy Shannon banning Hurricane players from Twitter use, UM quarterback Jacory Harris indicated that he had been the target of a “racially charged hate message.”

Racist Hate Messages Sent To Jacory Harris By George Diaz Motown305

Harris told the Herald and other South Florida media outlets Sunday that after Miami lost at Ohio State a week ago, he was “hurt” and “disheartened” by a Tweet directed to his Twitter account that claimed Hurricane fans “don’t want a black quarterback” at UM.


“I guess that was the one I picked to read and it was just the wrong one.’ I told myself right after the game, I was like, `Don’t look at it.’ But you see some things and you get kind of hurt because sometimes it’s your fans that say the things and they’ll be the ones that probably just before the game wrote you some encouraging message, and then after the game say that they don’t want a black quarterback here. Stuff like that, so it’s cool.”

Today WFTL-AM sports radio host Andy Slater reported that he had found the account of the person who directed the aforementioned racist message at Harris on Sept. 11. Read more…