Jackson Responds To Latino Activists On AZ Law

Last Friday I reported on an Orange County (CA) blogger asking his readers to join him outside of Staples Center before the Lakers-Sun playoff game Monday to protest Phil Jackson’s comments about the new Arizona immigration law.

Phil Jackson Protest Sign

(Hey 3% of L.A., Phil Jackson’s talking to you!)

Local Latino activist Nativo Lopez has since joined the fray, inducing the LOS ANGELES TIMES into a blog post about the pregame protest tonight.

For the unfamiliar, Lopez is our very own version of Al Sharpton. While the professional activist isn’t quite the showman Sharpton is, I’m proud to report that he can still be quite entertaining. Along with every bit the opportunist.

Though the legal Mexican-American immigrant community isn’t nearly as flattering in its assessment of Lopez, who most locals recognize as a complicit pawn for the Mexican government.

So with the L.A. Times and Lopez on board for the modest pre-playoff game protest, Jackson released a statement today that hedged his position on Arizona’s SB 1070 while reiterating his hope that politics can be extracted from the upcoming series. Read more…