Little League Coach Gets Jacked Up By Line Drive

Too many times these days, mentions of youth sports in the news are accompanied by details of disgusting sexual perversion, parental misconduct, or other heinous issues often stemming from the imbalance of authority between adult and child, coach and player. Whatever happened to the halcyon days of yore, when kids were innocent, fun-loving scamps playing carefree games on glorious American summer evenings?

Bad News Bears

(Lovable scamps … or dangerous insurgents?)

Recently, though, our nation’s youth baseball players started to fight back*. Fed up with getting liquored up and felt up by their coaches, the kids are rising up against the oppression and exploitation of their adult masters. Don’t believe us? Check out this first documented example of the youth athlete revolution, dangerously smuggled to the Twitters via the heroic ‘Duk of BIG LEAGUE STEW.

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