Audio: Jack Clark Says Cards Have ‘Poopy Pants’

Former St. Louis Cardinals star Jack Clark ripped into Tony LaRussa’s charges on ESPN Radio in St. Louis this week.

Clark complimented the effort of the San Diego Padres while calling the Redbirds “quitters” who are playing like they have “poopy in their pants.

“I’m really tired of watching the effort, that’s for sure. I’m not seeing a lack of [effort] I’m seeing a pathetic effort. These Cards fans deserve much better. That’s just awful. They won’t admit it, that they’re quitters. If you can’t put a better effort out there on the field, take ‘em all out, back up the truck, ship ‘em all out and get somebody in here that wants to play baseball. We’ve got one team here (San Diego) going for the title and we’ve got our team going for the toilet. They’ve got poopy in their pants. They got skidmarks in their britches. It’s just the way it is.

“When George Steinbrenner was alive, may he rest in peace, he would never let this (happen). As an owner he would be down in that clubhouse telling them to get their head out of you know where, start playing baseball, and it better start right away, or some heads are going to roll. And they won’t have to worry about putting those heads where the grass doesn’t grow.” 

After Clark’s incendiary (and delightful I might say) remarks, LaRussa responded on Friday:

“I just don’t feel like Jack has had the kind of spotless career where he can be making judgments like that. Whether it’s our team, pitchers, players, whatever,” La Russa said. “I think it’s a real personal (criticism).

“That’s why I’m saying something about it. It’s a very offensive quote to make. … I respect Jack a lot because he did a good job of pulling his career together. But he had times where there were evaluations from his peers — and I wasn’t his peer — but his peers and his bosses were less than the best. I’m disappointed that he doesn’t take some of that past experience.”

I’m no fan of LaRussa, but Clark’s criticism was at the very least, revisionist. At worst, he was flat wrong. Read more…