Iverson Coach Speaks; Retirement Now On Hold?

Speculation in Eurasia abounds today about the future playing status of Allen Iverson, who is currently a member of the Besiktas Cola club team in the Turkish Basketball League.

Allen Iverson in Turkey

(Australian Rules Hoops Anyone?)

Initial reports yesterday out of Turkey indicated that Iverson, who is averaging 14 points and five assists-per-game for Besiktas Cola, may have suffered a career-ending leg injury. The Turkish sports website ajansspor.com reported Wednesday morning that Iverson had planned a press conference today to announce his retirement. But as of 9:30 pm local time in Istanbul, no announcement appeared to be forthcoming.

After the ajanssport.com report, Besiktas Cola Coach Ergin Ataman confirmed Wednesday afternoon that Iverson has a calf injury that may require surgery, from which Iverson could be back in six-to-eight weeks. (Including playoffs, the TBL schedule stretches to mid-June.)

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