NASCAR Drivers Don’t Have Good Taste In Music

It seems like anytime we write something even remotely negative about NASCAR, our inboxes and comments fill up with passionate (if poorly-spelled) defenses of the racing series and taking issue with any characterization of the sport, its drivers, or its fans as rural rednecks or anything less than totally awesome. We’re told about the sport’s mass appeal, its massive sponsorship contracts, and how it’s transcended its regional roots.

Nascar fan

(Click, Click, Boom.)

Every time this happens, we start thinking that maybe the fans are right - maybe we should give NASCAR a second chance, a fair shake. After all, we heard the sport was introducing driver intro music this weekend in Bristol - just like a real sport! That’s what we thought, anyway. But then we actually saw the list of music, and we’re back at square one: what a bunch of white trash hillbillies.

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