Wild Week In Review: Sex, Swimsuits & Steroids

• Congratulations to Bar Refaeli for making the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Bar Refaeli Jeanene Fox

• And we already have a suggestion for next year’s cover girl - Rick Fox’s foxy sister Jeanene.

• But will we soon see full nudity in the sports mag’s annual edition? That could be a reason why the Laker Girls turned down a chance to pose for a SI photoshoot.

• We expected to A-Rod to come out sooner or later, but little did we know it would be about past steroid use. And who spilled the beans first? An alleged SI stalker? His ex-wife? No wonder he needed an escape to the Bahamas with two hottie companions.

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Alomar’s New GF Motivation Behind Old GF’s Suit?

We brought you the news yesterday that Roberto Alomar’s ex-girlfriend, Ilya Dall, has filed a $15 million lawsuit alleging that he has AIDS and that he insisted on having unprotected sex with her anyway. And while the whole thing seemed a little shady yesterday, it’s even more so now.

Roberto Alomar and Maripily Rivera

Soon after Dall and Alomar broke up in October, he began a relationship with Puerto Rican model Maripily Rivera. And Rivera thinks that Dall is taking the jilted ex thing to a whole new level. She claims that Dall told Alomar, “I will destroy you,” when they broke up. And now that Alomar is jaunting around the world with his new supermodel girlfriend, Rivera believes that Dall is inventing all of this AIDS stuff to make good on her promise.

Is Rivera the type of girl to inspire such rage? See for yourself after the jump (and there’s a lot to see).

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Stunning AIDS Lawsuit From Robbie Alomar’s Ex

Hey Dwyane WadeRoberto Alomar will see your non-fatal STD and raise you HIV. That’s according to a lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend Ilya Dall, charging Alomar with insisting on unprotected sex even though he knew he had full-blown AIDS. And suddenly, steroids don’t seem like the end of the world anymore, do they?

Sandy Alomar

(Kinda puts this in a whole new light, huh?)

Alomar, one of the best second basemen in history, retired in 2005 after rapidly breaking down with a myriad of health issues, but there hadn’t even been the hint of a rumor of anything of this magnitude. We should take this all with a huge grain of salt and an HIV cocktail, because Dall only brought the suit after Alomar broke up with her in October, two-and-a-half years after she claims she first learned he was sick. But there’s some pretty explosive stuff in here.

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