Are You Ready To Play A Round Of ‘Ghetto Golf’?

For years, whenever you’ve thought of what the prototypical golfer looks like, you’ve no doubt always envisioned some country club-living white guy with an alligator on his polo shirt, and some ugly pants. The reason for this is because the game of professional golf is generally populated by just that, with a few Hispanics and Asians thrown in for good measure. As for African-Americans, they’re pretty few and far between in the sport.

Ghetto Golf

Go ahead. Try to think of any African-American golfer on the PGA Tour not named Tiger Woods.  You can’t, can you? This is a problem the PGA has been trying to rectify since Tiger burst onto the scene, as they’ve looked for ways to integrate the game amongst black Americans. Something tells me the latest video game from Illfonic is not what they were looking for, though. Ladies and gents, meet Ghetto Golf.

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