UGA Coach Addresses ‘Terroristic Threats’ Claim

Thursday I reported that a police report had been filed in Athens, GA. accusing “four UGA football players” of simple battery and making “terroristic threats” of a married couple in a taxi van on March 29.

Incident report of four unnamed Georgia football players

The ATHENS BANNER-HERALD reports that Georgia football coach Mark Richt said Thursday night he is aware of the case:

Right now, it’s speculation. We don’t know anything for sure, but I’m aware of the report. I’m just waiting to see what’s going to happen from here really. I don’t want to over or under react at this point.

I have not had a chance to talk to anybody really about it.

Richt told Univ. of Georgia student newspaper the RED & BLACK that he had barely been briefed of the situation before his team’s spring practice session.

“I will be honest with you, I had it stuck in front of my face real quick right as I’m walking on the field. I really wasn’t aware of it,” Richt said. “So I don’t even know enough about it at this minute to even answer that question well.”

The Banner-Herald also provided new details of the investigation.

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Police Report: ‘Terroristic Threats’ By UGA Players

A March 29 police report (pdf link) filed by the Athens (GA) Police Department accuses four “UGA football players” of simple battery and “terroristic threats or acts“.

Incident report of four unnamed Georgia football players

The accusers are a married couple named Hutson and Meghan Vann. Both are Univ. of Georgia students. The accused, also identified in the police report as “four black males,” have not yet officially been linked to the Georgia football team by police.

Jacob Demmitt of the independent daily Univ. of Georgia RED & BLACK reported of the alleged incident this week:

Two University students learned this weekend that getting a safe ride home can sometimes be dangerous. According to the Athens-Clarke County Police report, a married University couple fell victim to simple battery and terroristic threats on March 29 as they rode to their home in an A&A Taxi at 2:04 a.m.

“None of us were particularly drunk,” witness to the incident Brent Borganmeister told The Red & Black Wednesday. “We got the cab more just out of convenience.” On the way home, Borganmeister said the taxi then stopped to pick up four individuals who “apparently knew the cab driver.”

As the individuals entered the cab and sat down behind the victims, the offenders were reportedly eating bratwursts. A male victim then commented on the bratwursts, saying they smelled good, and he asked how much they cost.

One of the individuals then responded, “Shut up you stupid white racist,” according to the report. Read more…