Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend Wants In The Ring, Too

Ever since Jose Canseco stopped playing baseball he’s been known for two things: ratting out other baseball players who have done steroids, and getting the crap beat out of him in boxing rings or cages. Canseco started out getting into a bunch of “celebrity” fights but then decided that getting his butt kicked by D-listers wasn’t challenging enough, so he made the logical decision to move on to fighting real MMA fighters.

Heidi Northcott Jose Canseco

Well, Canseco got taken down by a 7-foot tall Korean named Hong Man Choi and apparently he’s realized that fighting other celebrities is probably the safer route. Which is why his next bout is scheduled for July 24 at Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing 10.  Though it’s looking like Canseco may not have to fight this battle alone because it seems that his girlfriend, poker player Heidi Northcott, wants some time in the squared circle herself.

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Canseco Gets Crushed; Mr. T Terrorizes Wrigley

Memorial Day became a haven for needless violence in Yokohama, Japan, and Chicago, Illinois, yesterday for two formerly famous people - rather against the purpose of the day. If you have a particularly queasy stomach and can’t bear the sight of blood or nostalgia, please look away now.

Jose Canseco Mr T

First, Jose Canseco stepped away from his soothsaying long enough to pick up his stellar MMA fighting career again. However, he’s moved on from fighting other formerly famous people and now wants to fight actual MMA fighters … well, at least a 7′2″ Korean fellow named Hong Man Choi.

Jose Canseco and Hong Man Choi

The epic battle lasted just over a minute as Choi waited until the middle-aged man stopped bouncing around him and got tired. Then Choi kicked his posterior.

But that wasn’t the most violent mismatch of the day, even.  Just wait till you see what Mr. T took on…

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