Former NY Knicks Captain, NBA Star Is Homeless

Tim Povtak of AOL FANHOUSE has the latest on former NBA star Ray Williams, who played 12 years in the league, once captained the New York Knicks and scored over 10,000 points in his career.

Ray Williams

The 55-year-old Williams now lives in the Miami area, where he spends most of his days selling fish that he catches off a local pier.

With Williams, we get the garden-variety story of how he lost his money - living beyond his means for a time, eschewing a yearly NBA pension for a $200,000 lump sum and being victimized by a “real-estate scam.”

But what’s most interesting about this particular situation is that Williams has never had substance abuse issues. While no one sets out to be homeless, it appears that Williams made a reasoned, conscious decision to live life on his own terms. Read more…