Donate Spare Favre Jerseys To Minny’s Homeless

The addition of one Brett Favre to the roster of the Minnesota Vikings has caused much hubbub across the land in recent days; it’s hard to find anyone not named Peter King or nicknamed Chilly who thinks this is all going to end well for either the Vikings or their fans (Favre, of course, will make out like a bandit regardless). Hell, even Favre’s new teammates are less-than-enthusiastic about their new gunslingin’ and interceptin’ QB.

Brett Favre new Jets jersey

(Area homeless man receives Favre jersey.)

And while we’re enjoying a bit of Schadenfreude at the whole enterprise, poor Packer fans are beside themselves. It’s not just that their once-beloved hero is playing for a rival team. No, the real problem is that Wisconsinites have spent millions of dollars on Favre merchandise and paraphenalia over the years. What to do now with it all? Cheeseheads might be tempted to send it all up in flames, but a couple of sports radio guys (”the Wisconsin Guys,” to be exact)  in Madison have a better idea. Give it all to the homeless!

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The Homeless Man Who Will Save College Football

Over the years, college football’s BCS system has come under fire from just about all corners. Coaches hate it, the Senate wants it abolished, even cartoon characters are against it. In fact, it’s safe to say that apart from the corporate fatcats getting rich off of the biggest scam in sports, there really isn’t anyone with a brain and the capacity for rational thought that thinks the current system is fair too anyone but the top echelon of football powerhouses.

So yeah, anyone with a brain knows the system sucks. But when even the nation’s crazy homeless people are rising up against the broken BCS system, you know there’s a problem. And that’s exactly what’s happening in Washington DC, where an - ahem - slightly obsessed homeless man has made BCS reform his life’s work. Hey, at least he’s working.

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